Welcome to the Public Property Summit 2016 

The Public Property Summit is a half-day event created in partnership with Capita Real Estate, aimed at those involved in planning, financing and developing public property projects. The event will explore the many faces of public-private sector joint ventures and the role they can play in rebalancing the shortage of land, both in provision of new homes and wider regeneration projects. From reviving outdated town centres to building new homes on surplus public land, the discussion will focus on how to create partnerships that yield commercial returns, but also bring about economic and societal prosperity to local communities.

With the government push to release surplus public land to create more homes and revive town centres, opportunities for developments are ripe. But to create socially sustainable places where people want to live and work we need more than bricks and mortar – we need the right infrastructure to provide affordable housing, drive local economy and foster social cohesiveness. With its massive levels of indebtedness and ongoing spending cuts, the government is unable to fund such projects, which has led to funding being increasingly sought from the private sector. Such investment deals are frequently arranged as part of a joint venture, where the private sector body becomes a de facto project partner that co-owns the equity and is involved in developments from conception to completion.

The success of a JV largely depends on aligning commercial imperatives of a private entity with long-term societal objectives of a public body. But how do we ensure we have the right partners, the right financial vehicles, and that each party’s objectives are aligned? We bring some of the leading industry experts and most innovative projects to showcase how this can be done and what potential there is for a more coordinated approach to secure funding, speed up delivery and unlock the long term value of public land.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Public Property Summit on 17 May 2016.